Kiss My Ass Tony Danza

I had to wake up to this news the other morning, so as you can imagine, I was less than pleased. Not only that, but my feud with Tony Danza has been very well documented, so all of my friends kept texting that this loser is getting his show back.

As you might remember, this walking bag of shit got me kicked off twitter for 12 hours after he started an argument with me.

I’ll be honest, I still don’t know what I was guilty of doing. It was just a simple request. I didn’t like what he had to say so I kindly asked him to suck my dick. Not a big deal, I tell people to suck it all the time. Unfortunately, they very rarely listen.

It’s insane that TV networks have run out of show ideas so much that they’ve resorted to bringing back Who’s The Boss. Like that’s the best idea anyone has? How about just a live feed of some dumpster in Queens where bums fuck? Instead, we’re stuck with Tony Micelli, the man with no real skills who has to resort to living rent free in someone’s house in exchange for doing some simple chores. I just hope that this dipshit was at least a tax write off for Mona.

Speaking of Mona, no way she’s still alive right? I’m imagining some kind of Weekend at Bernies scenario where they carry her around all day while they overdub someone making snide Italian jokes at Tony Micelli throughout the episode.

Not only does no one want this to happen, but no one besides Tony Danza even wants to be a part of it. I heard Alyssa Milano spent three weeks in South Florida trying to catch COVID to try and get out of it.

And while she was successful in catching it- it looks like she is going to be healed up in time for the shows filming. I can’t help but feel terrible for her, all that work for nothing. At least now she gets to look like the worlds greatest actress by sharing the screen with Tony Danza as he stumbles clumsily over his lines.

Kiss my ass Tony, you little creep.

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