Will Smith: Confirmed Cuck

We all knew it would happen to him eventually. Will Smith is a pretty good looking guy, but if we’re being honest I wouldn’t bang him. I would however bang his wife, Jada. I think a lot of people feel that way too.

Listen, if you’re going to dress up like The Genie from Aladdin, you’ve gotta know and expect that you’re wife is probably going to fuck someone else. Your wife is never going to take you seriously after seeing you with a blue body. That’s why all the guys in Blue Man Group killed themselves, RIP in peace, abba dee imma die.

So it turns out, much like other cucks that have come before him (or not come at all in this case), Will gave his blessing to August Alsina, that he could engage in relations with his wife. Imagine the Fresh Prince telling you that you can start tagging his wife? What an honor! So not only did he fulfill his wife’s most intimate desires, Will also paid for him to come on vacation with the family in 2016. I mean, I’m sure the nanny came as well to take care of his shitty kids, but bringing the dude who plows down with your wife is wild.

Imagine being on that vacation…

“Listen up Willow, Jaden, and Mistake, please ignore the sounds coming from your mothers room tonight. She’s preparing for a new role in a movie where everyone is hard of hearing and she has to scream the whole time. I’ll be in the spare room yell-crying about how this should be Alfonso Ribeiro’s life and not mine. Please respect my privacy.”

It’s just a shame that Uncle Phil isn’t still alive to give Will one last hug.

“How come she don’t want me man?” With tears running down his cheeks, as he tries to wrap his arms around Uncle Phil for a hug.

… Just in case you don’t get the reference

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