Dave Matthews Band Announces Summer Tour

Folks the hero we need to save us during these trying times is finally here:

Dave-Matthews-Band done done


Dave is what we, the real fans, call him. He’s known as Dave Matthews Band to everyone else. Now when we need him most, he is going on a summer world tour to try and bring people together.

Listen, Dave is not just for white girls in long dresses who can’t dance anymore. He’s for everyone now. Known for his hit songs, “Crashing into me” and “Hook”, Dave has been on tour for the better part of 40 years playing extremely long songs to crowds of people who are OK with just rolling around in dirt for a few hours. But now, for the first time ever, he’s going to be playing the big boy places. The Bowery, The Fillimore, The Greek Theater, TD Garden, etc.

According to Dave’s VIP mailing list, which I belong to obviously, his set-list is going to be nothing but the stuff us true fans love. He’s going to have the stage for almost three hours, which should be long enough for about 7 songs. Grab a couple of six packs of your favorite craft beer, put on your nicest cargo shorts with a belt that’s way to long, and I’ll meet you in the circle dance pit during our favorite Dave songs (which is all of them).

~~EaT dRiNk AnD bE mErRy AnD 2mOrRoW wE dIe~~❤️❤️DMB❤️❤️

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