Local Genius Builds Trap Door To Rid House Of Unwanted Guests

The guy who lives behind me just built a trap door on his summer home and I LOVE the idea.

I have people over a lot. And people always ask if they can bring a friend. I always say yes, because the more the merrier, but every now and then upon meeting the person I immediately regret it. Imagine just being like, “hey new friend, wanna run in that spare room and grab some more beers for the party?” And they’re all excited to be included so they walk all quick.

Just as they open the door you call their name to thank them and get their attention and BOOM! They just fell 14 feet onto the dirt. What an idiot!

Imagine the thrill of watching your unwanted houseguest go crashing towards the dirt. It’s not only great for house guests.

Is your mother in law in town for the weekend? Not for long with this new trap door. She’s at the hospital with a broken collarbone and now you don’t have to listen to her be passive aggressive about you having seven beers with dinner.

Is there a door to door salesman bothering you with new windows or something dumb you don’t care about? Sure buddy, meet me in my back room. Boom! Right out of the house.

Yes, I’d love to learn more about the Mormon religion, please meet me in my study, yea that door right there. CRASH! Two morons with white shirts and black ties dusting the dirt off each other.

It’s like the board game Mouse Trap, but with humans that you don’t really care for. That’s a win/win folks.

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