Thailand Bans Plastic Bags And Their Response Is Phenomenal

As someone who has been greatly effected by the banning of plastic bags, I absolutely love this story. Seeing as I don’t have the brain capacity to remember to bring bags with me, I’m always forced to spend a few bucks every shopping trip on bags. Meanwhile condoms are still totally legal, even after my vigilant campaign against them (

So the Thailandese have begun using alternatives to the plastic bags they once knew and loved.

Alternatives like a goddamn birdcage. Not sure where he put his bird. Maybe in the toilet or something. But a bird cage really isn’t that bad of an option. I mean it’s got a handle +1 and you can see in it to make sure you didn’t forget anything +2. Honestly, he could have picked something worse, like…

What an all time desperation move! This guy 100 percent was told at the checkout that there were no bags, and he walked outside and just grabbed the first thing he could find. Unfortunately for him, all he could find was this traffic cone and he was forced to walk out of the store looking like a total dipshit. Not be mention I’m pretty sure bums use them as sex toys. I’m not sure which end they use, but I just know they do. I just know it.

Now, let’s move on to some people who planned ahead.

Now I have no real problem with this except for the fact that this dude in lady shoes is buying single ply Scott’s toilet paper. Maybe don’t buy the fourth bag of potato chips and treat yourself to something a little kinder for your buttshole. You only get one buttshole. And you’ve got to treat it well.

I think that’s a hamper. Not sure why it has levels on it. Or maybe it’s another birdcage. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know enough about bird cages or hampers to make the call.

Now it’s time for my favorite so far:

My queen. I bet somewhere in her house is a giant pile of dirt with a dead ficus lying right on top of it.

After it’s all said and done, i stand with the Thailandese people, bring whatever you want to the store to carry your shit out. Me personally? I’m just gonna bring my fridge with me and just put stuff away immediately.

Talk about efficiency.

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