Two American Heroes Dump Em Out During The World Series

When most people hear the word hero they think of one thing:

A soldier. And rightfully so.

But imagine a new kind of hero. A hero that fights for freedom right here at home. For a long time, as long as I can remember, the image of a female breast has long been censored, while the male breast is free to be hairy and weird out in the open. Well two absolute babes decided that during this World Series that enough had been enough.

Julia Rose, freedom fighter and absolute rocket, hatched the idea and then recruited one of her friends to join her. I think the other girls name is Lauren. I don’t know for sure because whenever I google them I just end up binge watching videos on PornHub. Anyway here they are.

Could you imagine the guys who were sitting near them? Just sitting there those first six innings, wishing these girls would dump em out. And then out of no where, they stand up and dump em out! They must have been going bananas!

These two had some pretty stellar behind the plate seats and then waited until the absolute perfect moment. The moment when they knew cameras would be on them and they made their move, lifting their blouses up, and dumping em out.

My lord:

ws tits done

The moment was beyond perfect for everyone except for the guy standing right in front of them in the grey. Imagine being so close to those exposed bazongas and missing them. Fuck. I’d rather discover radiation poisoning.

Their Instagram handles will probably be studied in history books next to Rosa Parks and Susan B Anthony for their courage and bravery in the battle of de-stigmatizing women’s nipples.

So turns out, grey outfit guy totally redeems himself:

Could you imagine anyone more in trouble with their wife than this guy though? He is royally fucked.

Update: Hero activist Julia Rose has been banned from ever attending a baseball game again.

As an act of solidarity, I will never, ever, probably go to a baseball game again. Julia, if you’re reading this, two things: I’ve got your back in this fight, and, sup girl?

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