Youths Buy Woman An Electric Wheel Chair: Hilarity Ensues

There are some videos that when you watch them it feels like you won the lottery.

This is one of those videos.

So from what I can tell this group of guys who sound like they’re from the Harry Potter movies, bought this babe a motorized wheelchair, presumably so they could get in her sweatpants. I guess her name is Nan, must be some hip new European name.

Here is the moment. THE moment, when everyone knew something bad to moderately bad was about to happen. Now listen, the car wasn’t going that fast. In reality she just got tipped over moderately hard. No need to fret though, she sounds like she’s from one of those countries where doctors visits are free.


Either way, it looks like Nan gets her bell rung her pretty well by this Volkswagon Gulf. I’d love to see how her fancy new chair made out though, could be some dynamite guerilla advertising if that bad boy is able to cruise the aisles of Shop Rite, taking up so much space people can’t get by on either side. 

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