Jets QB Sam Darnold Catches Mono From…

Maybe the most Jets thing ever for a grown man to catch a kissing disease.

As an NFL insider I’ve got the inside scoop on this pervert.

In an effort to steal some of Tom Brady’s power this offseason the Jets thumb of a quarterback has begun doing Tom Brady’s daily routine. Eating like him. Drinking like him. Working out like him. And unfortunately kissing like him.

This is especially troubling as Tom Brady’s kid enters his teenage years and is now kissing people besides Tom, leaving him un-pure and open to things like mono and cold sores.

Sam, after completing his morning workout, swung by Tom Brady’s house for his early afternoon kiss. What he caught, was a little more than he had bargained for.

The Jets quarterback is expected to miss at least one week, possibly two if he goes back to the well again before Tom Brady’s kid is all healed up.

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