Dip Shit Makes Rug Out Of Cigarettes

I first noticed this rug by following the late great Steve Martin on Twitter:


Now I don’t know who Xu Bing is, but I can only imagine how disapointed his or her parents are right now. I mean, look at what my parents have to be proud of: I run an ultra successful blog, I’ve written three books that have sold enough to keep my gambling addiction afloat, and the other day I was hardly late to my moms birthday party. Meanwhile, known dipshit Xu Bing is over here building cigarette rugs, like a toddler who got into his parents cigarette fridge.

I can make stuff with cigarettes too. One time I gave a girl outside the bar a cigarette that I bummed off my roommate and she gave me a handjob in her Corolla. That’s way more impressive than this dipshit just throwing a bunch of cigarettes on the ground. And I was able to accomplish mine without supporting big tobacco.


I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of tiger, I don’t know. I don’t know too much about animals let alone cigarette carpet animals made by dipshits.

When the Los Angeles County Museum of Art burns down next Wednesday because that hot California sun piercing through the window started a cigarette fueled fire, look no further than Xu Bing, the dipshit king of cigarettes.


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