This Ultra Vague Clock Is The Dumbest Invention Ever and I Obviously Need It

Was just scrolling through Reddit while making a fresh batch of poopie shits and stumbled across this absolute gem of a find. I seriously need this. As someone who very rarely has to be somewhere at a specific time, I think this would be perfect for me.

Imagine just having it up in your house and watching people stare at it in disbelief as they try and figure out what time it is. My friends are all exceptionally dumb too, so they’d be there a while.

Honestly though, the more I think about this the less dumb it might be. I think this is what all clocks should universally look like. At least here in America. Like let’s do away with this boring standard time.

Imagine if everything was just guesses?

“It’s about a quarter past Saturday.” That means it’s like 6am on Saturday. That gives us both the time (approximate) and the date (exact). That’s a two for one or what some folks call “a bargain”. When I ask someone what time it is and they say “5:25” I have to then ask what day it is. With my new clock system, you save valuable time (that’s a clock joke folks). And maybe you won’t be late to your next child custody court hearing.

This is one hundred percent the world I one day want to live in.

“When do you want to meet at the bar?”

“How about a quarter till Sunday?”

Sign me the fuck up.

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