It’s Food Review Time Again: Oreo The Most Stuffed

So the other day while shopping under the influence I made a few dicey purchases. As someone who prides themselves on their health and fitness I was a little disappointed that when I sobered up and remembered to take all my bags out of the car that I had purchased Oreos again. I’ve been trying to only put natural, locally sourced, non gmo things in my body. Like scotch and Taco Bell.

So in my altered state I ended up getting Oreos latest diabetic disaster, The MOST Stuf. Yea, that’s not a spelling error- which are probably pretty prevalent on here because I don’t proof read and I don’t go back and correct errors. For some reason they only put one F in stuf. See, here’s the package.


One F. Fucking dipshits.

Anyway, get a load of the preposterous amount of icing in there. I couldn’t even taste the cookie, which if we’re being honest, is a delicious cookie. I ended up having one without the icing, and it was absolutely delightful.

This is why kids are so fat, unlike me, who is a visual representation of supreme health and fitness, these kids are having two pounds of icing in between two chocolate crackers for an afternoon snack. After a meal that rich and fattening there’s no bike ride coming. It’s just laying on the couch watching Sex and The City because the remotes across the room and you’re in a diabetic coma. I’m almost positive no other country would have this. Like that amount of icing wouldn’t fly anywhere.

America, where there are more varieties of Oreos than there are affordable healthcare options. Land of the free, home of cholesterol averages higher than credit scores. Boy this blog has gotten political. Hope no cuck snowflakes read this [I wanted to put the eye roll emoji here but I couldn’t figure out how. So just pretend like there was the eyeroll emoji right there. k thanks].

These cookies should come with diabetic socks. 4.9 out of 11. Would not buy again.

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