Jamie Foxx has been accused of dick slapping a woman

Credit pagesix.com for breaking this story. I have no idea how valid or true it is because I didn’t click on the article, but I thought it might be fun to make a few dick jokes while I laid in bed.

First of all I’d like to come out of the closet. As a known cock slapper. See what happens when there’s a period where there shouldn’t be one? (shout out to birth control that gives women only four periods a year) It throws the whole sentence off. Anyway I’ve been slapping people with my dick for about 15 years. Usually just my guy friends when they pass out, but even then it’s usually just on their shoulder for a quick funny picture. Or on the off chance whatever girl comes home with me from bar wants to get slapped by a super average penis. That’s pretty much the limit of my cock slapping knowledge. Well I guess that and how it feels to see one on your shoulder.

Anyway don’t use your penis as a weapon. Your penis is supposed to be for fun. And peeing. Which I guess is fun.

I for one hope these allegations aren’t true. As someone who’s been a big Jamie Foxx guy since the days of Booty Call…

It would be a real blow to my DVD collection if I had to get rid of this dvd and my collectors edition blu ray copy of Radio.

Also, Vivica A Fox could get the pipe back then.

Anyway, speaking of the pipe, the girl who accusing him chose to not do so anonymously. I was able to find a picture of her.

I mean honestly, can you blame him?

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