Dipshit To Use Homemade Rocket To Prove Earth Is Flat

rocket dipshit

Look at the face on this guy. That’s not only the face of someone who thinks the Earth is flat, but it’s also the face of someone who is going to ride a $20,000 homemade rocket right up into the sky.

Mike Hughes, a 61 year old limo driver and amateur astronaut plans to use his homemade rocket to travel 500 miles per hour into the great beyond to take some photos or whatever to prove that the Earth is indeed flat.  I don’t know much about science, but I do know one thing. The Earth is definitely round. Remember that scene in Armageddon when Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck look back at the Earth and talk about how beautiful it is? Well in that scene the Earth is round. That’s how I know. I guess this moron has never seen Armageddon, which is his loss on so many levels.

Here is his cute little rocket:

rocket dipshit 2

There is no way this guy lives though this right? He’s flown a rocket once before, but you don’t get to do something this wildly stupid twice. I’m going to be super bummed if this is one of those ‘too dumb to die’ type scenarios. I’ve searched every gambling site on the internet and I can’t find a website that will take odds on this guy living or dying. Which is a huge bummer for the gambler in me. Easy money on this guy burning up into a ball of flames.

At least he won’t have to buy anyone Christmas gifts this year. I don’t think they celebrate Christmas in hell.

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