NFL cameraman absolutely truck sticked this cheerleader.


This might be the best hit from a weekend filled with football. Perfect pad level, followed through, not a whole lot more you can ask for. Some people are going to say yea, maybe this is worthy of a targeting penalty, but I see it as just some good old fashioned hard nosed football. This is the kind of tackle that gives John Madden an erection every Sunday.

I wonder how the NFL is going to respond. The last time someone who worked for the NFL hit a woman this hard on camera it ended Ray Rice’s career. Although this was on camera AND with a camera, so they might not launch a full investigation. I think that’s what double jeopardy is.

Word is, from the girls twitter I got the video from, the cheerleader survived the brutal hit and got up and finished her dance. So this cheerleader is already tougher than Tony Romo. I’m sure she’d be a much better announcer too. Nobody cares that you can guess the plays Tony Romo. If I wanted to hear people yell out what they think will happen next I’d watch the game at TGI Fridays. Thankfully, we probably won’t have to hear much more from him, as I’m positive he’ll smack the microphone into his face and be injured enough to miss the rest of the season.

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