Sarah Jessica Parker cums pants during eclipse

Yep, two blogs in a row about the eclipse… lets go.

Everyone’s favorite horse face is back in the news. This time for having a full on orgasm while she witnessed the eclipse.

What a preposterous reaction. I honestly feel bad for Matthew Broderick because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, while his wife is bananas crazy. How the fuck can you be humbled by the sun? I feel bad for her kids too who I’m sure were on the boat with her. Imagine being on a boat, just hanging out with your parents waiting for the eclipse and then you’ve gotta witness your lunatic mother having a full on orgasm as she yells about the sun. Definitely not ideal.

Honestly though, I’ve made so many jokes about Sarah Jessica Parker in my life that if I ever meet her I’m just going to apologize. Then I’m going to give her a carrot stick and tell her she’s a good girl.

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