Steve’s Daily Shot: Quick Hits Edition

Let’s just jump right into it. It’s summer time, it’s much harder to blog, but still, I persevere. It’s not for lack of weird shit happening either, it’s just I’m a big fan of day drinking and when it’s nice out my friends are much more prone to day drinking. So that’s the reason for the lack of blog updates, I’ve been punishing the shit out of my liver.

Anyway, let’s just jump right into it with a bunch of different topics.


I just saw this dad driving around town in this absolute FIRE of a car. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of any type of flame decal. Everyone knows that by adding flames to your car it adds roughly 10-1250 horseponies to your engine. I’m not even really a car guy and I know that.

A couple who has two children with Down Syndrome just opened up a coffee shop that has hired over 40 people with mental disabilities. It’s a real feel good story. It’s great that these disabled people can now work and be active in the community. But if you think the people at Starbucks spell your name wrong, wait until someone at this coffee shop tries to write your name on a coffee cup.

As much as I absolutely love the summer I need college football season to start as soon as possible. I absolutely hate gambling on baseball. I still do it on the regular, but I’m far less successful. I miss basketball season, I got real hot at the end of the year, with the finals in particular. Shout out to The Cavs for eating so much shit and allowing the Warriors to cover just about every spread. Fucking losers.



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