Steve’s Daily Shot: NBA, MDW and other abbreviations

Quick little brag to start this off, but I had the Warriors to win and cover the 7 point spread (Shoutout to Sportsbetting.AG). The Warriors won last night by a million points. It’s always sort of sketchy betting against shit bag Lebron, but I was pretty confident that Durant was going to drag his gigantic chocolate berries right across Lebron’s ever receding hairline and guess what? He sure did!

Sorry about the lack of updates, my plan is to try and get a few in each week about whatever is happening, but in my defense, it was a holiday weekend. And like any holiday weekend it extended three days on each side of it. So yea, my Memorial Day Weekend was essentially from the 24th until the 31st. While not ideal for my wallet or my liver, I had to do what I had to do. Mostly because I’m a degenerate who can’t say no to a party or bar.

Anyway, my gambling account got as low as three dollars this week, only to climb back into a fun manageable amount after a few baseball bets as well as game one of the NBA Finals. Now on to the more important parts about game 1 of the Finals, the celebrity sightings.

game 1 jay z

Jay Z wore a sweat-suit. Like sweatpants. Fucking sweatpants. Granted, I could sell all of my belongings and still be a few thousand dollars short just for one piece of this two piece combo set, but still- have some fucking respect. Dress like an adult. You know you’re going to be on television a million or so times. It’s not a high school basketball game, it’s the NBA Finals, but some goddamn jeans on.

game 1 hart simmons

Kevin Hart also took time off from filming terrible shit movies to attend the game. I’m sure Bill Simmons regaled Hart with made up stories about random games he went to in the 70’s as child and how great they were. It’s hard for me to find someone more insufferable to listen to speak than Bill Simmons. I’ve loved his writing for years, but I’d rather watch my parents have sex than watch another ten minutes of his garbage now canceled television show. His podcast can catch a dick as well.

Anyway, it’s nice out, I still have some booze left from this weeks random parties, so time to hit the bottle.

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