Unpopular Opinion: Is Stephen Hawkings a Fraud?

If you’ve been reading this website for any amount of time you probably know by now that the opinions I have on a daily basis aren’t really the most common. After getting in a lively debate this weekend about a certain male scientist who is confined to a wheelchair, I decided maybe I should air out some of my less popular opinions. Maybe some of you out there in Internet World have the same opinion and I don’t know, maybe we could be friends.

Let’s start with who I just previously mentioned. Now I haven’t really ironed out this theory in it’s entirely yet, so bear with me. I am almost positive that Stephen Hawkings is a fraud.

I’m sure at one point in his life he was an incredibly brilliant fascinating scientist who was pushing the envelope in scientific theory and all sorts of things I’ll never understand about outer space. But….

I think it’s time we all agree those days are long gone. Very long gone. I believe that for the past few decades maybe (I’m not willing to do any research) that there has been a team of scientists coming up with things for him to say and his ideas. Like a group of scientists that work together and get zero credit because of how good Stephen Hawkings popularity is for science culture. Sure, they could be posting these theories and discoveries under their own name, but then they get maybe ten percent of the recognition or views.

With Stephen Hawkings as the lifeless face of all of these ideas/theories/books/academic papers they get shared around not only the science community but amongst regular, non-academic folks like myself and probably most of you guys. What can I say, sometimes these things just sound more official when they come from an android and not some science nerd.

And while I might not be 100 percent correct in this theory of mine, like most scientists even if I’m wrong at least we can get the conversation started. Don’t forget guys, the truth is out there.

Little side note: Props to Stephen Hawking for still slinging dick from the chair. In the 80’s he banged out his nurse. Maybe not really banged out, because, you know, the wheel chair, but he left his long time wife for her. So I’m sure something happened.


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