Melon Crush Mondays

Today is a great day to roll out a new franchise on This one is called Melon Crush Mondays, or #MCM for short- where we highlight girls with great hooters from our past. Sure it used to stand for Man Crush Monday’s, but it’s time we take back the night (Monday night). And the inaugural winner of Melon Crush Monday is…

topanga 1

With a face as round as her hooters, this weeks award goes to Topanga from Boy Meets World. One of the first set of boobs that I ever fantasized about. She started off strong as a teenager (I’m allowed to say that because I was a child when she was a teenager, so it’s definitely not weird) and she blossomed into this:

topanga 2

God damn, Corey Matthews struck gold when he hitched his wagon in seventh grade to the stuck up girl who would rant about feminism from her ivory tower just outside of Philly.

So thank you for all the wonderful memories Topanga, and here’s to definitely a few new one’s tonight.

topanga 3

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