Steve’s Daily Shot: Elite8 and Einstein,

South Carolina vs Florida is on right now and I bet on South Carolina to out right win. I only took it because it pays out well and I hate Florida. Not all bets are smart ones, but they’re all necessary.

This blog post is brought to you by the 35+ Miller High Lifes I consumed yesterday during what turned out to be a 15 hour drinking marathon. There were a few naps (power blackouts) and lots of pooping, but I made it out of it alive, so that’s a win. I stopped drinking beer for a while- mostly so I could focus more on vodka and scotch- but also so I could lose some weight. I don’t remember what my logic was, or what stopped the liquor train, but yesterday I picked up a thirty pack and an eighteen pack of Miller High Life, the champagne of beers. I’ve honestly never been happier. I forgot how perfectly smooth and delicious each one is was as I poured them down my gullet in two long drinks. Also, under $20 for a thirty pack. So really I’m being fiscally responsible.

Someone asshole on Reddit posted this picture and one gigantic circle jerk ensued:

Einstein at the beach

Albert Einstein can fuck off. I have no problems with his efforts in pushing America to build a nuclear weapon, so don’t get any ideas. I just think he was a lunatic and probably a shit head. He’s wearing jean shorts and lady sandals on the beach, that’s a real bold move from some science nerd who’s best known for a few random letters and an equal sign (not sure if ‘equal sign’ has a real name-whatever).

This game is real tight, 55-55 with just under 7minutes left. I really need South Carolina to make a run. If I could start off with a win today that’d be really terrific because then maybe I could eat dinner every night this week. Maybe!

Aaaaand South Carolina wins! That means I win my first bet of the day. Now I just need Kentucky to win and I’ll be golden this week. Well at least until Saturday rolls around and I can start betting again. I’m really thankful that baseball season doesn’t intersect all that bad with the shit show that is my march madness gambling.



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