I got tricked by a U of Rochester Shower Masturbation Notice, but blogged about it anyway


SIDE NOTE: Turns out this was actually super fake. Whatever though, enjoy my thoughts on it anyway.

Who knew shower drains couldn’t handle a few loads? I think it would actually be easier to just upgrade the plumbing to jizz grade pipes than it would be to try and stop college aged guys from jerking off.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a problem solver. That’s just the kind of guy I am. I see a problem and I fix it. So I have some recommendations:

Fix the plumbing. Get better pipes. Or maybe just have that loser RA pour some pipe cleaner down there. I’m sure he can take some time off from stealing beer from freshman to actually do something productive.

Equip the stalls with jizz buckets. That’s a no brainer. Just hang like a mini garbage can off the wall and have all the guys cream into the bucket. Yea, it sounds gross- but if you’re jerking off in a shower you share with literally a dorm room floor of men, you’re probably a piece of shit who is OK with having a cum bucket in your life.

Those are probably the only two real solutions. I would keep going but I have an incredible hangover.

I really love the last line, ‘Please see your RA with any questions.’ Seriously, what possible question could you have to ask about this? It’s pretty self explanatory. Stop jerking off in the showers.

Also, how was this not titled, “Your pipes are ruining our pipes.”

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