Steve’s Daily Shot: SB51, Snow Day

No time for fancy introductions I’m just going to jump right into it.

If I was a fan of the Atlanta Falcons I would burn their stadium to the fucking ground. Seriously, just keep running the ball and you’ve got yourself your first ever Lombardi trophy. Literally, just burn the clock out, waste some time. It’s not like you have a shitty running back who can’t carry the load. You’ve got Devonta Freeman, just give the man the ball and let him do his thing. I honestly think this was a million times worse than Pete Carroll’s call to pass it from the 1 yard line. Carroll called one bad play, the Falcons called about forty five.

This brings up my next point. Tom Brady has been to seven Super Bowls and he’s managed to win five of them. That’s a great record, not going to take that away from him. What happened those two times though? Eli fucking Manning happened. I think we can officially start calling Eli the Patriot killer. Or the Brady basher. I’ve got no idea, let’s just start calling him something besides retarded. The guys a two time Super Bowl champion, give the man some respect. I’d write more about the Super Bowl but my friend brought a keg of his beer down (Shout out to Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company- that cream ale is delicious), so my memory is pretty hazy at best.

I’m stuck on the couch right now pretty disappointed that we didn’t get more snow. I work from home, so snow days don’t really have an impact on me. But because I’m basically a child, when we get a lot of snow I cancel everything I was supposed to do that day and just lay around getting drunk watching shitty movies. And now since we barely got a dusting of snow, here I am, killing the blog game.

Growing up there wasn’t much better than a snow day. Going outside in ill fitting sweat pants that would be soaked in sixty seconds, but the adrenaline of throwing snow balls at cars would keep you warm. That was the life. Now it just means starting your day off with Hot Toddy’s until you feel it’s late enough to cut the tea out of the drink and switch to straight whiskey. Spoiler alert: 11am is perfect.

If you live somewhere that got hammered with snow, have a few drinks for me. Maybe launch a snow ball at your neighbors car while they leave for couples counseling at two in the afternoon. Either way, make your snow day great. You only get a few each year, gotta make them count.



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