Daily Things: Ronda Rousey and Trump Wall Prop Bets

It’s pretty much my mission to continually unroll new types of blogs that I probably won’t keep up with. This one is different, maybe, as I actually see myself keeping up with this one… maybe. Who knows right? Anyway, this is going to basically be me discussing (with myself?) daily events that don’t really warrant full on blog posts. So without further ado, here are my Daily Things (if you can think of a better name please let me know)

Dana White says that he spoke with Ronda Rousey and that she ‘probably isn’t fighting again’. I really doubt that her fighting career is truly over. Rousey is still young and she really hasn’t logged much fight time, so I think she’ll come back. She has too many ‘yes men’ in her corner for her not to come back. If I’m wrong and she does decide to retire, I have one wish for her career. I would love it if she followed in the footsteps of the great Steven Seagal. Imagine if Ronda gained like 45 pounds and started making bullshit martial arts movies with plots that make zero sense…


Even if her physical fighting career is over, I’m sure she’ll be fighting whatever demons she has from having a mother who is bat shit crazy.

I found a website where you can place prop bets on things happening in politics, more specifically on the Trump Wall. Here are the bets:

There is an over/under on the wall height at 37.5 feet, both paying out -120. I don’t know much about walls, but that seems awfully high. I think you can safely bet the under on that one. The Great Wall of China is only 26 feet high at it’s highest point, and that has the word GREAT in it.

There is another bet on when the crew will break ground. Before July 4th, 2017 pays +110, after July 4th, 2017 pays -150. Although it doesn’t pay great I would definitely bet the after. I think it will take at least a few years to gather supplies to build a wall as wide as Texas and California. I have no idea how many miles that is, but I’m sure it’s a lot.

The last interesting bet is whether on not there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony. Yes is even money, while no is -140. Absolutely there is going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony if the wall does indeed happen. Trump’s a huge fan of spectacles, no way he lets this one slide.

Agree with his policies or not, these are some fun prop bets.

This has been the first ever edition of Daily Things, thanks for reading.

PS. Help me think of a better name for this, Daily Things is a pretty lame title.

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