Jennifer Aniston and the Chicken Taco Shell

It’s going to be a great couple of days. I know there wasn’t really anything bad in the news lately, so we can really just focus on the positives.

Let’s start with this:

Jennifer Aniston just landed herself a new facial care commercial. And judging from the commercial it’s a yogurt based topical ointment. The tag line is absolutely terrific though but in order to fully enjoy it, you need to see her:


“Don’t just eat your yogurt, wear your yogurt.”

I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say that I’ve been picturing Jennifer Aniston wearing yogurt for the past two decades, and hearing her say those magical words made my pants awfully tight. She absolutely signed a deal with the devil, to look that good at 47 is just absolutely bananas.

So thank you to whoever wrote the dialogue for this commercial and thank you Jennifer Aniston for being the reason my right arm is considerably more toned and stronger than my left.

Another big thing happening is there is a new taco coming out this week from Taco Bell.


How absolutely amazing does that look?

A crispy fried chicken taco shell, lettuce, tomato, cheese and an avocado ranch sauce. God damn. If you didn’t have an erection before you better have one now. This beauty comes to us the 26th of this great month.

I just have a few general concerns about this.

  1. That my heart might literally explode.
  2. That the shell might not be crispy and delicious enough.
  3. That it might have a hint of taco meat flavor- like some of their breakfast food.
  4. That with my first bite I’m going to cream my pants.

Like I said, it’s going to be a great week.

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