Student Jerks off in library

This is a move I wholeheartedly respect. Sometimes you’ve just gotta jerk off. Who cares if you’re in a crowded library? Not this South Carolina undergrad.

He ignores all social norms as he ferociously yanks at his little mule. I say little confidently as those aren’t very big strokes. This brings me to a pretty hot debate going on right now:

Should you be able to masturbate at work?

Its a question as old as employment itself. Every since the dawn of time when people were hunter/ gatherers people have been masturbating at work. My rule is clean up after yourself and it doesn’t matter what you do at work. We’re all adults. Sometimes you get a little hot and bothered at work. Maybe the secretary has a real low cut shirt on. Or maybe you just saw a gif of JLo dancing. Maybe Ricky the moist lipped stock boy just reached up too high and as his shirt lifted you saw his belly button.

Who cares really? Masturbate until your hands fall off.

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