UFC Offers Mayweather and McGregor 25 Million

What. The. Fuck.

I seriously wish this hype train would die down, but Dana White, in true Dana White fashion stokes the fire with this bogus offer. Would I buy the PPV to watch this fight? Absolutely. Would it be entertaining? Sure, but more in a circus style way, not really in a two evenly matched fighters kind of way. Dana said part of the reason that the Reebok deal happened was to legitimize the sport- to have everyone in some type of uniform. If that really is your plan then knock off the fucking circus fights. And maybe tone down all this ‘interim’ garbage. There doesn’t need to be an interim belt at every weight class.

If it was a boxing match Mayweather would make McGregor look like Ronda Rousey. And in an MMA match McGregor would make Mayweather look like, well, I’m just gonna say Ronda Rousey again. This whole thing sort of reminds me of Rocky III when Rocky fights Thunderlips (shout of to Hulk Hogan for that dynamite cameo).


I don’t know too many of the details, but I’m not the kind of person who wastes their time looking up ‘facts’ and things like that. But Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather would use 25 million dollars to build a toilet made of hundred dollar bills. Then he’d take a real big lobster and caviar shit (I’m not sure how rich people eat) right in that thing. Then he’d burn that dirty toilet money and turn it into evil stars. Everyone knows that’s what happens when you burn anything- the smoke goes into the sky and turns into stars, take a science class, maybe you’ll learn something.

Maybe throw an eighth of that money GSP’s way. He absolutely deserves it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of his style towards the end of his career (his last six or seven fights safely went to decision), but he definitely deserves a big pay day now that the UFC can afford it. Put him as the main event on a card anywhere in French Canada. That shit would sell out in seconds. I’m sure Canadian’s can turn off the hockey and lay off of Tim Horton’s long enough to fill an arena.

This blog post was brought to you by Tito’s and nothing for dinner.


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