Prisoners Escape Through Toilet

Everyone remembers the famed El Chapo prison escape. The one where he paid millions of dollars to have a tunnel built that led up to this prison. There was a ladder to bring him down and then a scooter or something so he wouldn’t have to actually walk. I think we can all agree when I say life, even when in prison, is much easier when you can afford to burn money to stay warm.

If I ever get locked up you can believe I will absolutely be spending one hundred percent of my time devising a plan to escape. It would probably be 30 percent Home Alone style antics, 20 percent Escape From Alcatraz style, and 50 percent my ability to attach myself to someone much smarter than I am who could actually do all of the planning/leg work.

A few inmates managed to literally escape through a toilet hole this weekend in Tennessee and they look pretty much how you’d expect someone who escaped through a toilet to look:


Three of them have been nabbed by the police, while the guy on the right, the one who I’m just going to assume is the mastermind because he looks wise beyond his years, is still very much on the loose.

If you have any information that will lead to the arrest of this man, please do not call in it. If you’re willing to escape through a shit hole, you one million percent deserve your freedom.

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