Take One to The Face For Feminism


How fucking bananas is this?

Are we supposed to believe a woman doing what she wants in the bedroom is anti-feminist just because the guy likes it as well? In the article, which I sort of read, sort of skimmed through, the author claims that she also likes rough sex, which makes her feel like she isn’t being as pro-feminist as she wants. Isn’t doing exactly what you want sort of what feminism is all about?

I have no fucking idea.

There are so many things in this world I don’t understand (how airplanes stay in the air, how some people can hold their breath for a real long time, and dinosaurs in general- just to name a few) I feel like I shouldn’t even get started on trying to wrap my brain around how doing what you want in the bedroom should make you feel bad at all.

The bedroom is the place to open up, let out all of your desires. Say you want to get pissed on- good for you, waste not want not. Say you just like really get smashed hard like this girl- great, fucking sign me up. Don’t let what anyone thinks about you have an impact on how you like to get down.

So what if you want your face painted like a Michael J Fox painting, good for you. Don’t let the haters break your stride.

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