Writers block, Sobriety, Division and my Bicycle

There is nothing more rage-inciting than not being able to write. Having nothing to put on the page makes me want to throw the computer through a window. I won’t. Mostly because it’s not my computer that I normally write on. Also, I can’t afford to replace a window, so there is that.


I have been staring at page 188 of my new book for the last few days. Trying to decide on a direction that I want to go in and playing out different scenarios. Nothing I have come up with has led me anywhere. And I’m almost 24 hours sober. I’m not trying to accomplish anything here with my new found sobriety, so don’t get any ideas. Honestly, I doubt it will live on past hour 26, but that’s not the point either. The point is I put my mind to something, and I accomplished it.


Shit, I just realized my last Bloody Mary was at 5pm, so I’m actually only 20 hours sober. Either way, it’s something you should congratulate me on next time you see me. And maybe buy me a drink. Scotch. Neat. Please and thank you.


It’s eight pm now and I just remembered this word document that I started earlier today. I am negative two hours sober as per the bottle of wine I finished and the new bottle I’ve begun working on. I also got passed my little writers block too. I got about seven decent pages that I’ll probably edit down or add onto tomorrow- depending if I still like it.



My roommate is elbow deep in this game about Division. A lot of stuff blows up and he shoots things. Also, it takes place in NYC, so it looks familiar- which is nice. New York looks all blown up and turned to shit. So the game either takes place in the future or the 1970’s. I could find out by asking, but I’d prefer to sit here, drink my wine, and yell out vulgar words whenever he gets into a firefight.


It’s the next day and I am sitting on my couch writing, but staring at the window like a child on Christmas. You see, today is the day my bicycle comes. My dream bicycle. My oversized lime green dream beach cruiser. This thing is going to change my life. Or at the very least, make it easier to navigate these streets when I’m too drunk to drive.


Buy my book Sober (ish) on Amazon. Thank you friends.  

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