Hungover in bed

I’m writing this on my phone so the formatting might not be great but whatever

It is slightly passed 1pm on Sunday morning and I’m still in bed with zero chance of getting up any time soon. I fear for a few hours in the future when the vodka is no longer in my system as I will probably have the shakes. I’m still going to fight through this short post though


I wish I had a flare gun so I could fire off a shot at the guy across the lagoon from me working on his house. It’s Sunday you goddamn piece of shit, it’s the Lords day, no nailing fucking nails until the afternoon. Don’t start at 7am you monster. I know you were probably in bed by 9:30pm on a Saturday night, but there are some of us who were up until 5am on a drug and alcohol binge. When you leave for the week I’m going to sneak into your backyard and take apart all the work you’ve done.


The next book is in the early stages of editing. I’m hoping to have it on Amazon by July-ish. Different than my last book. This one is about two serial killers. It’s a love story. And a hate story. And a tale of rampage. So be excited for that.


Buy my first book, please, so I can afford food and booze. Search Sober ish on Amazon and find it there. Thank you. I love you. Good night.

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