Blind Woman to Fly Plane Across Country

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

So I totally understand the whole “we can do anything” movement- but I think it’s time we say enough is enough. And that’s totally fine. I grew up wanting to be a horse jockey. Unfortunately I’m 6’6″ and built like an Adonis- so it wasn’t in the cards for me- we all have shortcomings. And that’s fine.

I think it’s about time we as a culture start realizing that if there is something wrong with you- you can’t do everything. And that’s fine. You are probably better than other people at other things. Like let’s take for instance this blindo woman. She can’t see. That really stinks for her. But, not having sight has probably made her sense of smell super heightened. So the things that smell good to you- probably smell terrific to her. But sense of smell will not help you fly an airplane. What will help you is if when you were a kid you logged over 100 hours on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now I- I could fly a plane across the country with zero fucking issue. I used to land planes on the air craft carriers all the time in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Put me in the plane with zero training by myself- and I make it from one airport to another with zero issue. Put this woman in a Shop Rite she’s never been in and I bet she’s there for a few days.

So apparently she is going to have a co-pilot with her who CAN see. If that co-pilot touches the yoke (that’s what we call it in the flying world- you wouldn’t get it) one fucking time, this shouldn’t count. Honestly if he does anything except for clutch the parachute he’s obviously going to be wearing- this shouldn’t count.

Be on the look out for a blog next week titled: Blindo smashes into building quarter mile from airport: An Investigative Report.

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