Local Man Jumps Off Causeway Bridge Over Chowderfest Cancellation

“First they don’t give out unlimited chowder samples, then they cancel it all together? What are these people thinking?” The man shouted while being treated for two broken legs at Southern Ocean County Medical Center.

This years Chowderfest was postponed two weeks as tropical storm Ian flooded the area.

“I look forward all year to being served luke warm chowder out of a 1.5 ounce plastic cup. And now I’m being told that’s just not a possibility anymore.” The unnamed man was quoted as saying while doctors realigned his femur.

Legions of chowderholics took to the internet this weekend, blasting the free festival that raises money every year for scholarships and a few other non profit organizations- for not being the exact festival that they had in mind.

“Maybe we’ll start our own chowder festival!” One of them boasted on a local community Facebook page.

Please do. I look forward to slurping down cold chowder out of a Dixie cup while standing in your living room, you fucking lunatic. It’s soup. Calm the fuck down.

It’s such a more fun event now anyway- with it being centered around blacking out and listening to music. You can still get chowder mind you, you just pay for it like an adult- and you’re given a real serving of it too. I still can’t believe people would pay like $40 to wait on a line for thimbles of chowder like fucking animals.

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