The Barnegat Lighthouse Will Be Closed Again Next Summer To Re-Fix The Paint

The final scaffolding has been removed from the Lighthouse this morning, revealing what will be referred to as the greatest tragedy this area has ever seen. The person in charge of painting the famous Barnegat Lighthouse accidentally flipped the paint scheme, painting red on the bottom and white on the top.

How could this have happened?

“They just weren’t really that clear of instructions.” Russ, from Russ’s Painting told reporters earlier Wednesday morning. “But don’t worry, I will be done re-painting this by Chowderfest. Chowderfest 2023.” When asked about the delay Russ responded with, “Do you have any idea how much paint it takes to paint a lighthouse?”

To say the local community is outraged is an understatement. One woman was quoted as saying, “Old Barney is a part of our family, and not being able to see him for a second year in a row will absolutely destroy us.” She sighed, “My family will never recover from this.”

There will be a support group meeting every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm in the St. Francis parking lot to help anyone going through a hard time because of this tragedy.

“We expect a lot of people to attend these support group meetings, so we had to have them twice a week.” The representative of St. Francis continued, “Think of all the people who rely on Old Barney as a place to take their children when it’s raining. Or the guys who don’t have original first date ideas. There are going to be a lot of upset people, we just want them to know they have a place in our parking lot to meet up and talk with people going through the same thing.”

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