Exposing Adam Levine

Listen, I don’t want to seem like a bandwagoner, or like I’m just trying to get some internet clout- we all know that’s not what I’m all about. I have just about all of the internet clout a person could have.

But Adam Levine is finally being exposed for the scumbag he is, and I think the world needs to know about my interactions with Adam.

It all started when my unboxing videos took off- he very casually slid into my DMs one late afternoon, I think it was a Tuesday. Or maybe a Wednesday.

A few weeks later, I get a notification- which I do pretty frequently- sometimes multiple times per day, but this time it was Adam again.

That’s when the conversation took an unexpected turn:

Just for the record, I wasn’t trying to get fucked by the guy from Fun., although I’m sure that would be absolutely amazing. I just really like that one song they sing, Some Nights and I was hoping he could teach me it on the guitar.

Adam’s weirdness didn’t stop there.

At this point, I was just trying to get out of the conversation with him. He had made me uncomfortable a few times, but I figured hey, he’s probably just one of those super eccentric talented Hollywood types, like Roman Polanski or Jerry Seinfield.

This is when I realized I had to block him- it was getting relentless. And now he was involving Blake-it was all too much.

It’s a shame that celebrities think they can just do whatever they want all of the time. Well not on my watch Adam. It’s about time you were exposed for the sex pervert you are.

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