Buying Un-Claimed Mail Part 2

We are coming at you folks live this week from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Shout out to my man Corey, the GM of Buffalo Wild Wings for letting us set up shop inside there this afternoon. Thank you for the pot stickers. You and your staff went above and beyond for me and the rest of my production crew.

Anywho, let’s get to this weeks findings.

As you can see, huge improvement from last weeks video games, which is just the motivation I need to keep buying unclaimed mail from sketchy sources.

Huge shout out to my good luck mahalo sweet potato for providing the good vibes. And sorry to two girls out there who I promised dildos or dresses if I were to receive any. Hoping for some in the next package.

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4 Responses to Buying Un-Claimed Mail Part 2

  1. Lorenzo says:

    I was hoping you’d get a McChicken in the one bag

  2. Rumple foreskin says:

    Can we get a bigger sharper object to open up the next ones? That cleaver didn’t cut it for us

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