Buying Unclaimed Mail: Part One

On January 26th 2022 my life changed in the best way imaginable. No, I didn’t meet my soulmate, I think she’s still with Machine Gun Kelly. But I did discover that you can buy unclaimed mail. And that brings us to today, February 1st.

The eagle has landed folks. My package is currently sitting next to me, totally unopened. What could it be? Diamond earrings, a dildo, maybe gift cards to the liquor store? Who knows. I have a friend who really wants it to be a dildo. So right now, as the package sits, it could be anything. It could actually be a dildo. Or it could not. I’m living a real life Shrodinger’s Dildo.

Here is the big unveiling, enjoy.

Here is the note that came in the package.

I could use a few more sponsors for this website, I’ve got bills to pay, I am awaiting your generous offer PornHub.

As this video uploads I’ve already bought another unclaimed mail package. I am addicted to unclaimed mail.

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3 Responses to Buying Unclaimed Mail: Part One

  1. Donn says:

    I love these! I get a tingle of excitement to read these when they pop up… kinda like the tingle ya get before a sneeze. Thanks ScotchSquatch

  2. Paul T says:

    Holding out for that dildo huh?

  3. C Montgomery Burns says:

    I think you’re on to something. I was unaware that people actually received mail anymore. Gotta be a site for unclaimed carrier pigeon messages too! Hoping you get the dildo!

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