Arthur has been cancelled due to sexual harassment allegations

After 25 years on the air Arthur closes the door on his famous TV show after allegations circulate with him being inappropriate with the other cast members.

Rumors began swirling after last years end of the season wrap party that after one too many martinis Arthur got a little frisky in front of the paparazzi with fellow cast members Francine and Muffy. While parties close to Arthur say he was just drunk and messing around, people close with both Francine and Muffy claim it’s not the first time he got a little handsy.

Those close to Arthur speculate that things that began going downhill when he started to hang around the young Hollywood crowd in the mid 2000’s.

Here he is, seen leaving a West Hollywood nightclub with Lindsay Lohan roughly 2007. Later on that year Arthur took a brief hiatus from the TV to deal with some family issues. We later found out he spent 90 days at Passages in Malibu, dealing with his Adderall issues. During these dark times he referred to himself as the Adderall Aardvark and Addy Artie. Dark times for the Read family indeed.

With a new sober outlook on life it really felt like Arthur had turned the corner on his troubled past…

That’s when his sexual proclivities re-surfaced.

Arthur Read could not be reached for comment. We are ready to talk when you are Arthur.

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