The TasteMaker: The McRib

The king of the dogshit sandwiches is back just in time for the holidays. I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried a McRib until now because I’m not as big of a piece of shit as most people think I am.

Side note: I got a brand new phone, and I’m getting a lot more into photography with it. So I took some nice pictures of the McRib.

I think my photography skills are coming along really well. Anyway.

I took my first bite and holy shit was I blown away.

I had the model I hired for the day take some pics of me eating the McRib.

That right there is the moment all the flavors came together. A little onion, a little pickle, some BBQ sauce, and whatever meat concoction the “rib” element of this travesty is.

Right there! You can see the look in my eyes the moment I realized what I was chewing was fucked. Just so incredibly fucked.

There is somehow no actual meat flavor in this sandwich abortion. All I taste is pickle, onion, maybe the worst BBQ sauce on the planet, and bread. There is ZERO meat flavor in this hunk of shit. Actually, I think there would be more meat flavor in actual shit than in this sandwich.

McDonalds should be ashamed of what they’ve done. This might the only thing I’ve eaten that is worse than the Burger King Tacos. The Burger King sets the bar on dog shit food every single day, and he will rot in hell for his sins against the world, but this McDonalds McRib might sit alone atop DogShit Mountain, as king off all the shit foods.

The McRib gets 0.069 out of 11. Bad. Real bad. I’d rather watch my 60 year old parents fuck than eat this abomination ever again.

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