Siegfried N. Roy Died Today

He brought joy to millions and millions of people. He wore flashy outfits and taught people that tigers and lions aren’t dangerous, that they are actually cute, cuddly and 100 percent safe. He was the original Joe Exotic.

But unlike Joe Exotic, Siegfried N. Roy wasn’t white trash. In fact, he was the opposite. He had elegance and grace, like Princess Diana or Elton John. He had the stage presence of Freddie Mercury and the charisma and smile of Lance Bass. Mr. Roy was the ultimate showman, the ultimate performer.

He brought smiles upon thousands of people’s faces every night who were given free ticket vouchers to his show after they lost two months mortgage on the craps tables. They’d sit there, sulking into their hands wondering how they’d tell their wives about all the money they lost while Siegfried N. Roy lit up the stage with razzle dazzle.

Unfortunately, Mr. Roy passed away due to Covid-19 related illnesses. This is a huge loss for not only the entertainment world, but humanity in general.

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