Gift Wrapping 101

I’m going to open this up by letting you know I’ve never wrapped a gift before. Even back when I was just a little Scotchsquatch, wrapping gifts seemed tedious and time wasting. Everything always went in a gift bag.

Well now I’ve got a niece and a nephew and I’ve been tasked with wrapping my presents, so the kiddos can have fun tearing them apart.

So let’s do some Christmas wrapping (also my favorite Christmas song. Absolute banger.)

I’ll be honest. The first one didn’t go great. But I refused to start over and try again. Each gift only gets one shot. I honestly can’t figure out if I’m using too much paper or too little paper. Also, what do I do with all the extra on each end?!?

On the first gift I went with a bunching method:

This one wasn’t ideal. I also ripped the paper. I can’t believe how fragile this shit is. I mean, I get thats it’s made to tear off easily, but still, make me work for it. I want to earn that gift. I had a brilliant idea on how to fix the rip though:

Look at that! You can hardly tell that I just taped another piece of paper there. What a fix! I’m actually getting pretty good at this. No big deal!

Riding this high, I decided there had to be a better method than bunching the paper up and taping. I went with a folding technique.

I mean that looks professionally done! I can’t believe how quick I got good at this.

Now I’ll be honest. Even someone as good as me is gonna botch one every now and then. Well on my last one I didn’t cut enough paper. So what did I do? I fixed the shit out of that.

And you can’t even tell! I mean, I one hundred percent nailed this.

Scotchsquatch 1, Christmas wrapping 0, final score.

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