My New Book Comes Out At Midnight

So I’m going to start off with a quick apology that I haven’t been updating this as frequently as I used too. Things have been crazy with the new book. Also, I went on a vacation. But honestly, I really deserved it. I deserve another one too if someone is willing to pay to send me to, let’s say an all inclusive resort somewhere warm. It doesn’t have to be Jamaica, but it really should be. Or at least Jamaica adjacent.

Anyway, 86’ed comes out at midnight.

86'ed cover photo

I’m really proud of this one. Much like the last two, I’m sure this one will be riddled with grammatical errors as the college girl who edited it did it in about two days and for literally no money. She edited my last one too. Shout out to Jess because I know she’s going to read this. Also, shout out to Vic as well for reading the extremely rough first draft and giving me notes on things to fix it. And Matt as well, for well, you’ll see when you read it. Although the book is not based off of real life, you will for sure see some similarities if you were close with me around my early twenties. Those were a rough few years, but luckily my liver and my heart made it through.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered it, the pre-orders are super helpful for so many reasons that I don’t feel like explaining on here because it’s incredibly boring.

So buy my book, please.

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