This Years Sexiest Man Has Me Hot… And Not In The Good Way

Don’t let me get hot!

Now don’t get me wrong, Blake Shelton is cute, but that’s where it stops. I for one wouldn’t even let him get the pipe, no matter how hard he was trying to get the pipe.

There’s no way he’s the sexiest guy out there. Think about who else exists… Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Gosling. The Hemsworth brothers can for sure get the pipe. Channing Tatum. Bradley Cooper. Leonardo DiCaprio. Ted Cruz. David Beckham. God damn Captain America Chris Evans. AC Slater. ZAC EFRON for Gods sake!

There are so many dudes worthy of the pipe before Blake Shelton. I mean, he’s not even the hottest guy on The Voice, shoutout to Adam Levine. Sure he’s out-kicked his coverage by locking down a smoking hot late 40’s Gwen Stefani, but look at him. He looks like he’s the manager of a Christmas tree lot with those shitty tattoos and that denim shirt.

I for one think that Paul Walker should posthumously get this award every single year.

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