Drake Visits OBJ In The Hospital

Is there anyone more cock hungry for athletes than Drake? 

It seems that every time an athelete goes down Drake is the first one there to sing to them and nurse them back to health. I mean it makes sense, no one spent more time in the hospital than Drake as a kid. Remember, he spent his youth confined to a wheelchair: 

I wonder if after these athletes fuck Drake if they have to tie the condom off and put it in their pocket like they do with money hungry athlete groupies. Except for in this case Drake isn’t trying to get pregnant, he’s just trying to drink it so he can gain their athletic talents. Space Jam style. Except for now the only ball getting rubbed is much smaller and usually darker. 

Drake might be at he top of my dickbag list. No one screams, “look at me, look at me!” With his body language more than Drake at a basketball game, not even famed asshole Spike Lee:

In summation, I think Drake is an asshole. 

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