The Giants Are Playing Like Dog Shit and I Announce Which Hockey Team I Chose

So it’s been a pretty electric weekend in the sports talk world. Everyone is up in arms about people sitting, standing, kneeling, and generally just fucking off during the national anthem. Don’t worry though, that’s the last thing I want to talk about.

In Giants news, OBJ took an actual piss on the field which really should come in second to the gigantic shit Ben McAdoo took on the field for what feels like the millionth game in a row.

obj piss dog

Sure it’s super disrespectful, puerile, and a huge waste of time, but you’ve gotta remember Odell Beckham Jr. is a fucking idiot. So he can’t be held accountable for his actions. Sure he is a great athlete who makes electric play after electric play, but every time he opens his mouth or has the camera on him he acts like a fucking moron. Also he has this awesome ability to catch the ball when it’s six feet away from his body but not when it hits him in the numbers, which is nice.

But the real man of the weekend was Ben McAdoo. I don’t know or understand how someone can just keep calling the same kind of plays without making any real adjustments after losing two games in a row and putting up a goose egg in the first three quarters. But Benny just does it time and time again. 2nd and 20? Let’s go with a draw play. 3rd and 20? Draw play again. I’m sick of all the conservative bullshit play calling. Draw something up you loser. Fucking try for once. Also, I don’t like his new cool guy look, stick with your old shitty haircut.

New cool Benny                                                        Old shitty haired Benny


Ereck Flowers is essentially a pile of dog shit that lines up at left tackle. I think he might be mad at Eli at the way he’s letting outside linebackers and defensive ends sprint passed him. Brandon Marshall has essentially been useless with ten receptions for under 100 yards this season. This is what happens when you sign someone after they play for the Jets. Rex Ryan literally sucks all the talent out of his players. Probably through the feet. Marshall’s also been accused of spitting in the face of a Philly fan. Which I’m not exactly sure why it’s such a big deal, as I’m pretty sure that’s how people in Philly greet each other.

The Giants need to do something to turn this season around. After the year the Mets and Knicks had, I can’t handle another season of nothing to root for.

Also I’d like to publicly announce that I have made a decision on which hockey team I will be a fan of. At first it was going to be the new Vegas team, but since I don’t want to spend money on the hockey channel package, I decided to go with the New York Rangers. So it’s official, I bleed red and blue.

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