Post UFC 207 Write up

I wanted to wait a few days before writing this up. Mostly because of the bender I was on following UFC 207 and into the New Year, but also because I wanted to see how the dust settled.

I was really hoping Ronda Rousey would eventually come forward and take the lose like a champion. However, she remains hidden in her ivory tower built on judo throws and Miesha Tate’s tears. What a huge win for Amanda Nunes though who has looked like a monster since long before winning the belt. Part of me actually feels bad for Rousey, but then I remembered that she is worth 9 million dollars and I ate Ramen noodles twice last week.

What I thought was the shittiest about Rousey’s behavior is that she left the ring and the arena immediately after losing. If anyone else did that, who wasn’t one of Dana White’s cash crops they’d get cut immediately. Everyone should remember when they cancelled Nick Diaz’s fight for not participating with the media and even more recently McGregor’s canceled fight for the same reason. But Rousey seems to remain better than everyone else in the class- not susceptible to the same punishments and standards as everyone else.

Rousey definitely could have won had she had the right gameplan. But her coach, Edmond Tarverdyan is literally the worst coach on the planet. During the 48 second beat down he managed to yell the same shitty advice over and over again, “Move your head”. His advice wasn’t to back off, get out of the pocket and go for a take down or throw. It was to stand there, keep striking, and to move her head. Rousey is an incredible athlete, but to think that she can stand and bang with Nunes is absolutely bananas. And Tarverdyan literally had a year to train her on striking, and this was the best he could come up with.

Dominick Cruz also took an L, which makes me happy in all of the wrong places. I’ve been a Team Alpha Male guy since day one. Huge supporter of all things Urijah Faber does. Cody Garbrandt was able to not only win, but he made Cruz look stupid. Cody was ducking and dodging Cruz’s punches like Muhammad Ali dodging slow moving white guy punches back in the 60’s. And in true fuck you fashion, Cody danced his was straight to decision. He decision-ed the Decisionator.

It was a decent card with not a lot of finishes. Six fights in a row went to decision, which was sort of a let down. Not every fight can be a knock out or a submission but six decisions in a row is tough.

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