I tried to sell my friends car for him… without his permission

If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years- you’ve probably heard me reference The Dipshit. Well the other day, I got bored and a little stoned again- and since I couldn’t just go back to running my now defunct Panera Bread page- I decided to try and make my friend a few extra dollars by selling his car for him. Without his permission of course. So I made the post above and included his phone number.

I was nice enough to make him this ad- and pay the $5 Craigslist makes you pay when you post a car for sale-so I wasn’t about to also field all the phone calls and texts that come when you list a car $3k under Kelly Blue Book value.

The post was up for about seven minutes, and I was suspect number one.

He called me and I couldn’t stop laughing. The combination of his anger and my mid morning bong rip were too much. I copped to it and promised to take it down.

I didn’t, obviously.

So I deleted it for him and sent this as proof:

He thanked me immediately. But what I didn’t tell him was right after I sent the “proof” over- I just immediately clicked un-delete.

This is around the same time I let one of my more terrible friends know about this prank. She quickly piled on.

It quickly became more about ruining his day than selling his car. We both started applying to colleges for him immediately.

This is around the time I found out there is an app you can download where you can change your number. So I thought it would be funny to try and buy his car using this app.

By now he was calling me every few minutes to yell at me and tell me about how he was going to get me back. So if I end up missing- just know it was probably part of this idiots “prank”.

I believe he had begun to suspect the ad wasn’t taken down yet. But in my defense, it wasn’t, I wanted this to last for a couple days. And it did.

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