Dipshit Jumps Grill

SIDE NOTE: I couldn’t figure out how to just link the video from Reddit, so I had to do a screenshot video on my phone. Whatever, I’m an idiot.

So jealous of anyone who gets to call this a Friday night. While we’re all at the bar wasting money and time on girls and pickling our livers these people get to drink 4 lokos on their porch while watching this absolute dip shit jump a terribly built ramp.

I love everything about this video. You just know he was putting up flyers all week for his next big jump. Hype has been high on this kid ever since he jumped the kiddie pool last week, so people were eager to see him back out there, hitting the ramp and ripping wheelies.

Also, was there anyone cooler as a kid than the one guy on the block who could do a super long wheelie? Sure he had a mustache in 6th grade and was too old to go to the dances, but dude could ride a wheelie two street blocks. He wasn’t good at anything else on the bike and yea, he read at a sub-third grade level, but come on man, fucking wheelies. Sure life isn’t as great for him now as he has to introduce himself to all of his neighbors, but goddamnt he’s still the wheelie King to me.

Unfortunately this was filmed on a Motorola Razor, so the quality is dog shit. It’s hard to see exactly what his ramp is made out of and why everything went wrong. This is the best I can do as my phone doesn’t have an ENHANCE button.

Whoever helped him with the physics of this jump must have mixed the numbers up a bit. Not sure why he thought a 6 inch ramp would help him clear whatever shit grill his stepdad bought from the gas station. I’d love to have been in the garage huffing spray paint with them while they went over ramp size and speed.

It was at this point he knew something had gone terribly wrong. But how? The ramp was perfectly constructed out of a stolen piece of plywood from the construction site caused by a recent meth fire across the street and the lone cinder block used in the last three hate crimes that also took place in their apartment complex. It was a perfect ramp.

Maybe they forgot to calculate for the wind.

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