Eva Braun’s Underpants

Every day I wake up and read something that weirds me out so much that it amazes me. The joy I get from people doing such weird shit on the internet is unreal. Like this article I just stumbled across:


Why? A million times why?

What do you get out of owning these? What do you say when people ask why the fuck there are turn of the century underpants on your wall? Oh yea, I won the bid for Hitler’s wives underpants. Were they washed? Or do they have Eva Braun’s stench on them still? This is so fucking raunchy it is unreal.

Or do you wear these around this house and pretend to be Eva Braun? I’m honestly not sure which one is weirder.

Also, 2,900 Euros, that’s bananas cheap for some mildly relevant historical underpants. Although I’m pretty sure that’s like a million American dollars since our currency is weak (it’s actually like €1 to $1.10, but whatever). Look at me getting all worldly and shit.

If these used underpants weren’t bought by a Japenese business man I’m going to be shocked. It’s either that or some crazed Nazi fellow who’s going to wear them like a Bane mask until her scent is gone.



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