Candy Crush: The Television Show

CBS in an attempt to prove to their viewers how out of touch with reality they truly are just ordered a reality TV show based on the popular mobile game Candy Crush.

Jesus Christ, that sentence hurt to type. As someone who is lousy with excellent television show ideas, this truly is painful. Not only are most reality shows absolutely garbage, but one based off of Candy Crush sounds like one of those horrifying game shows from Asia. Having played Candy Crush for maybe two minutes in my entire life I can pretty much guess how this show will work.

With hopes of escaping trailer park life, some moron will be given the promise to win a few thousand dollars if they can rearrange different shaped blocks into groups of three or larger. I assume if they fail something will be dumped on their heads and the promise of cash and a better life will fade away much like the possibility of them getting their GED. In reality, failure to complete this small and basic task should result in total sterilization.


I just recently downloaded this new photo editing software and like most things I’ve mastered, this only took me a few minutes.

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